We aim at providing the best quality and functional product while reducing the carbon footprint at the same time.

Social responsibility and sustainability

Markisol endeavours to promote a sustainable, diverse and ethical business environment. Nearly 60% of fabrics used by Markisol Group are manufactured from recycled materials. We aim at providing the best quality and functional product whilst reducing the carbon footprint at the same time.

We implement a full transparency and traceability in every step of our production, from raw materials – to the finished product. We believe in ethical and fair business and sourcing. We make sure that our employees, as well as those of our suppliers, work in a safe and fair environment. We arrange regular ethical and quality audits that reach out to all steps of our supply chain. By diversifying the supply chain we endeavour to provide exceptional quality at competitive price. We believe that together we can build a brighter and more sustainable future.

Innovation and vertical integration

Markisol’s strength lies in Innovation and vertical integration. We design and manufacture our own components for roller blinds and protect many of them with international patents. We create our own machines and tooling used in the roller blind assembly process. We also develop and manufacture our own fabrics: blackouts and sheers, both plain and printed. Overall, Markisol controls the entire roller blind development and assembly process.

All you need is one...


Majority of fabrics used by Markisol is of our own creation from Krenholm. In Europe we pride ourselves in providing inspiring and breathtaking patterns through our home textile brand – Mairo.

Mairo fabrics originate from genuine handycraft and are printed in Markisol’s printing mill in Estonia. Every step of the production process, from mixing the colours, to adjusting the light exposure and applying the patterns onto the fabric – is controlled manually. That gives us almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating unique colours and shades. The majority of Mairo collections are using natural fibres: pure cotton, pure linen and half-linen. All printing formulas are water-based and environmentally friendly. For more information please visit

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